The Indomitable Spirit of the Amazon

Acrylic on wood, 2018

The Amazon River was so named after the queen of these larger than life female warriors. She wore a special waistband as a symbol of her authority. Because she was deceived into thinking this belt would garner respect and equality with men, her feminine ascendancy was usurped by this lie. She was raped and murdered in a vicious conflict by a male of Greek legend.

The waistband in this work is represented in a vibrant array of colors around the middle. However, the prism you see here constructs the belt from the opposite side, the colors hiding the truth of this ancient myth that only the jungle, in its myriad of dazzling and precise perspectives, can reveal. Although the world of man tried to crush the female warrior spirit, she continued to remain indomitable as reflected by the persistent renewal and regeneration of this magnificent rain forest that will always be known as the Amazon.