The Caged Feminine

Acrylic on wood, 2016-2019

In this work my intention is to reveal the historical unipolarity of defining women as wives, maids, mothers, sex objects and unintelligent.

This is a monolith of imprisonment. It was in here that women adhered to the masculine perception that a facade is flat, geometrical or architectonic and imposed on the building from the outside, in. Line and color, therefore, conform to the shape. The shape is dominant.

In this particular work, the imprisoned women discover the reverse of this skewed masculine force. They discover that they are, and always have been, the precise, vibrant frequencies of lines and colors that come from the inside out. As such, I want to show them emerge and actually define shape and form. I use color, lines and layers with great intensity to reveal this reversal of the mainstream art perception. Polarity has changed.

Malevich understood and foresaw that the “system “would move forward into “new ideas such as layering drawings over one another”.
The bars that you see on this dark monolith , because they come from the inside out, cannot hold back or contain these new ideas because they are nothing more than another expression of line and color defining shape and form… and the caged woman is set free!
As Malevich exclaimed “A white free endless infinity is before you!”