Losing Gravity in the Orbiting Megatropolis: geometric waves, vibrant fields and optic frequencies

Unseen shifts occur where we walk, drive, congregate and sleep. In the supercity seismic activity is a given; faults and thrusts shudder through multiple zones and sections in the Earth, moving without interruption – from somewhere deep within the core inhabitants on the surface encounter transference of these energies, emerging outward and pushing up. As these energies converge, a geodetic passage is forming where balanced pillars plucked from staccato Richter scale lines reveal transmissions of steep edges and open recesses in an accordion structure. In 917 Angled Color Engineered Fem Electric Bridge, forces unfold throughout the body of the composition, steadily generating the flow of lightning fast current that provides stature and gravitational strength to a developing edifice. This bridge is a delicate, vulnerable extension attentively fused; its sharp borders penetrate reverberating foundational legs – an accomplishment to fitfully connect forces into one uniform expansion of un-dimensional elements: it houses space and time, the remainder of details fashioned from eons of shaking and quaking repetitions, the accumulations retained, reimagined and harnessed to witness the creation of this tangible being. The rise and fall of so many contained lines creates a multitude of spellbound silhouettes that wash over this being, holding viewers’ attention in such a way that we must look for a point to focus upon, a useful spot in our spinning. The open mystery of the piece is compelling, sustaining a reverie between the familiar and the unrecognizable. The entry is accessible from either side, open but divided, its center an invisible portal – a representation magically superimposing the precision of technical line variances on shaped wood sequencing, its appearance like a crack in the wall, amplifying color decoded circuitry and tectonic messages. On one side it retains a flat demeanor: a neon pink binding carefully interspersed throughout inner contours, accentuating the outlines of the construction; on the other, topographic intersections recede into articulated beats of firmament blues and purples, neoprene greens and solar yellows; though it is stationary, contained consecutive steps are interchangeably energized moving in multiple directions all over its physical terrain. Dynamic feminine components disperse powerful charges into the object, coursing through visible highways widening and narrowing, navigating tricky bends where quick compensation is needed – high speed actions euphorically enveloping all connectors, traces, and shadows, embracing desires and great unknowns. This flexible and equally complex assemblage is imbued with prowess and strength, standing fully aware and self-assured. To pass through and around this entity the audience is made aware of oppositional forces at work, challenging preconceived concepts of what elements constitute architecture, painting, sculpture and installation – a renewed sense of awe connects the technical with the hand of the artist and the enhanced unpredictability of nature. The presence of image making is apparent; created with cathodes, anodes and excited electrons, a state of becoming is depicted, uniting indeterminate qualities with calculated production.

Suzanne Bybee
Artist and Writer
May 13th, 2020