MELA M: Losing Gravity In The Orbiting Megatropolis

A new film by Eric Minh Swenson.
January 23 – February 28, 2019

Mela M: I view the orbiting megatropolis as a mirror image of our earthbound civilization with its nearly unlimited architectural cityscape audacity, built by a species that has always wanted to reach the stars. Colonizing our solar system is no longer science fiction. This drive to do so is no doubt a primitive remnant of a basic imbalanced masculine imperative to conquer, dominate, control and ultimately destroy all things natural, bright and full of color. Or to restrain the Feminine as revealed in “The Indomitable Spirit of the Amazon”. Each piece of this megatropolis transmutes the Law of Polarity into a higher frequency of interconnectedness and gender equilibrium through the PaSColor. I envision the crushing gravity of despair left behind. And I see Hope, as it loses the pull of gravity, elevated to a gender balanced consciousness where we honor, develop, follow and amplify the light within each of us to pass through the prism. This will collectively inform the world that our own unique and brilliant array of color, perspective and quality can move forward with elegance in a vibrant new context of union and equality.